Apple halts Vision Pro 2 headset production, targets affordable AR release

Apple has halted Vision Pro 2 AR headset development to prioritize a more affordable model for late 2025, aiming for a $1,500 price point. The less expensive version may compromise on features but retains advanced display tech.

Jun 20, 2024 - 17:54
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Apple halts Vision Pro 2 headset production, targets affordable AR release

Tech giant Apple Inc. has made a strategic decision has chosen to halt its high-end augmented reality headset- the Vision Pro 2, and focus on creating a more affordable model that will be released by the end of 2025.

Sources close to GSM Arena have disclosed that Apple has reduced the number of employees working on the Vision Pro 2 project and has informed suppliers about halting any future progress.

This decision highlights Apple's new focus on attracting a wider range of customers by providing a cost-effective AR headset. Although exact pricing information for the affordable Vision headset is not confirmed, GSM Arena reports suggest that Apple is targeting a price of approximately USD 1,500.

The budget-friendly version may have to make some compromises in comparison to the Pro model, like having a simpler headband, smaller speakers, and fewer cameras. However, reports also emphasize the difficulty Apple faces in finding the correct equilibrium between cost-effectiveness and maintaining crucial features.

The more affordable Vision headset will still feature the advanced display technology of its Pro counterpart.

While work on the Vision Pro 2 has currently been halted, there is possibility to restart the project at a later date.

Apple's current focus is to refine and preparing the release of the more user-friendly Vision model.

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