Hoax bomb threat sent via email to Jaipur, Patna, Nagpur, and 38 other airports in India

Every email contained the same menacing message: "Hello, there are explosives hidden in the Airport. The bombs will soon explode. You will all die.”

Jun 19, 2024 - 14:35
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Hoax bomb threat sent via email to Jaipur, Patna, Nagpur, and 38 other airports in India

Hoax bomb threat emails were sent to forty-one airports nationwide on Tuesday, leading to lengthy security checks by agencies to prevent sabotage. Official sources state that the emails were sent from the email address exhumedyou888@gmail.com at approximately 12:40 pm.

The sources informed PTI that emails prompted airports to implement contingency plans and conduct thorough terminal sweeps according to recommendations from the Bomb Threat Assessment Committees.

Sources indicate that suspicions are directed toward an online group called "KNR" as the probable origin of these fake emails, which had previously been aimed at multiple schools in the Delhi-NCR region on May 1.

Each email contained a threatening message saying: "Hello, explosives are hidden in the Airport." The explosives are about to detonate. All of you will meet your end. Even though the threats were determined to be false, airport activities continued smoothly, ensuring minimal impact on passenger travel, according to the sources.


  • Authorities at Patna airport were alerted to a bomb threat through email on Tuesday, leading to a thorough search of the airport and heightened security measures. Nevertheless, authorities eventually verified that the email was a prank.
    An email containing a bomb threat was received at the Jayaprakash Narayan International Airport, as well as 41 other airports. Airport Director Anchal Prakash stated that the Bomb Threat Assessment Committee (BTAC) Meeting was held and determined the threat to be non-specific.


  • Authorities at Nagpur airport in Maharashtra stated that they received an email threatening a bomb, leading to a thorough security check of the area. Nevertheless, officials verified that no questionable objects were found during the examination. Security measures at the airport have been heightened as a preventative action following the threat email.
    Around 2 pm, the Nagpur airport authorities were informed about a bomb threat email received by the Airports Authority of India (AAI). An airport senior official stated that the email indicated a bomb had been placed at the airport.


  • Security organizations carried out a thorough inquiry at the Jaipur airport after receiving a bomb threat on Tuesday. After receiving an email, airport management directed both police and CISF to conduct a comprehensive search of the premises.
    The police announced that after a comprehensive inspection, no suspicious items were found at the airport. This event mirrors previous threats the airport received in April. Furthermore, earlier in the day, a bomb threat was reported at a private college, which authorities later verified as a false alarm.


  • Security measures increased at Vadodara Airport in Gujarat after airport authorities received a bomb threat email on Tuesday. Inspector RD Chauhan from Harni PS, Vadodara, verified that police teams had been sent to supervise security measures at the airport following the threat. Additionally, the Bomb Disposal Squad, Dog Squads, Ambulance, and Fire tenders were sent to the airport as a precaution. Following the receipt of confidential information, police teams have been assembled to handle security measures at the airport. Inspector RD Chauhan stated that the Bomb Disposal Squad, Dog Squads, Ambulance, and Fire tenders had all arrived at the airport.

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