Google launches Gemini app with support for 9 Indian languages

Users can get answers for their queries by typing, talking or by uploading images.

Jun 19, 2024 - 14:31
Jun 19, 2024 - 14:33
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Google launches Gemini app with support for 9 Indian languages

On Tuesday, Google released its Gemini app in India, offering support for nine Indian languages and English. This provides users with an AI tool to answer queries through typing, speaking, or uploading images.

The technology giant stated in a blog post that the app and Gemini Advanced will enable users to utilize Google's most advanced AI models, by helping them access information and accomplish tasks in their preferred language.

The Gemini app will be available in Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

Data analysis and file uploads were some of the new features announced for Gemini Advanced- a paid AI chatbot. The company said "Get help drafting messages, brainstorming ideas, or planning events – all without leaving the Messages app".

Gemini advanced is the most advanced AI model of Google and will be available in 9 Indian languages. Be it instructions on how to change a tyre or how to write a perfect thank you letter, this Gemini app takes a significant step forward in the world of technology.

In order to use Gemini on an Android device, users need to either install the app or choose to participate through Google Assistant.

Also, Gemini access will be available for Apple's iOS operating system through the Google app in the upcoming weeks.

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