Simran Sharma from India clinches gold medal at World Para Athletics Championship in Kobe

May 27, 2024 - 14:36
May 28, 2024 - 10:13
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Simran Sharma of India achieved first place and took home a Gold medal at the World Para Athletics Championships held in Kobe, Japan. She won the gold medal in the women's 200m T12 event, setting a new personal record of 24.95 seconds during the final day of the competition yesterday.

India finished their participation in the World Para Athletics Championships with impressive results, winning a total of 17 medals, six of which were gold, lifting them to sixth place in the rankings.

Get out and give it a go

Jogging 200 meters at that speed. You will sense your lungs in your palm. Simran was born with ears that were only partially developed and spent seven months in an incubator. Doctors had lost faith and were uncertain about her chances of surviving. However, after 22 years, she achieved the distinction of being the first Indian woman to qualify for the 100-meter track event at the Tokyo Paralympics. Keep in mind the name Simran Sharma for Paris.
She is coached by her husband, who serves as a soldier in the Indian Army. The family had to borrow money and liquidate their land to finance her education.

*Achieving a gold medal in any sport is a significant accomplishment, but for a visually impaired runner, it demonstrates skill, perseverance, and conquering obstacles.

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